Honeykube Threat Report 2021 Q4

Q4 is traditionally an eventful period for security threats and the last quarter of 2021 was no different. During this period, we intercepted a staggering 70k attacks from all around the world, with cyberattacks peaking towards mid-December, largely fueled by the Log4j vulnerability.

In this Q4/2021 Threat Report, the Honeykube team looks back at cyber threats from the final three months of the year and provides a high-level view of the latest trends in cybersecurity attacks for a better understanding of the threat landscape that companies face every day.

Quarter summary

  • The vast majority of attacks (37%) targeted services hosted in the United States.
  • More than 200 Log4j exploit attempts, mostly originating in Russia.
  • The Top 3 countries where attacks originated were: United States of America (27%), China (14%) and Vietnam (7%).
  • 555 critical attacks, 19 of them related to ransomware and 288 to diverse exploits